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Bracknell Forest Survey

Survey reveals 90 per cent of residents enjoy living in Bracknell Forest

Bracknell Forest residents agree the borough is a good place to live; they get on well with their neighbours, are satisfied with the way the council runs things and can influence decisions, according to the results of the latest residents' survey.

In January and February 1,800 people from across Bracknell Forest were asked a series of questions about life in the borough and what they thought about Bracknell Forest Council. As in 2014, when the last survey was undertaken, the methodology   was specifically targeted to make sure residents from a balanced range of ages and backgrounds took part.

The recently released results show:

- 96 per cent of respondents said that people from different backgrounds got on well together.

- 90 per cent of respondents were satisfied with the area as a place to live up from 87 per cent in 2014 (only four    per cent were dissatisfied).

- 68 per cent of people were satisfied with the way the council runs things; an increase of 18 per cent since 2009   (only 10 per cent were dissatisfied).

Residents were asked to list their favourite three things about living in the borough; the main things residents enjoy are the borough's parks and countryside, council run sports and leisure facilities and highways.

This is the first time that residents have specifically mentioned highways when asked this question and suggests that investment in Bracknell Forest's roads over recent years is paying off.  Residents are clearly noticing the improvements to the transport infrastructure as a result of the development of the new town centre.

The survey results also show the number of people who believe the council offers value for money has increased to 62 per cent of respondents - in 2014 it was 59 per cent and in 2012 it was 55 per cent.

Timothy Wheadon, chief executive of Bracknell Forest Council, said: "These results represent the views of people living in Bracknell Forest.  Whilst there is no room for complacency, the results show that more people than ever enjoy living in Bracknell Forest."

"It is also very pleasing to see that residents have noted the improvements made to our roads that have been made in advance of the opening of The Lexicon in September.  Our investment in the borough's highways is clear for all to see and it is very gratifying that residents have listed highways as one of their favourite things about living in Bracknell Forest."

"It is also good to see that satisfaction rates in general are stable and that 96 per cent of people believe the borough is somewhere where everyone, regardless of their age or background, gets on well together."

"These results will continue to help us shape our services in the future and I would like to thank to all those who took part in the survey"

For further information on the survey results see