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Planning applications

All planning applications can be tracked through the Bracknell Forest Council website by following this link .  From this link users can also access a detailed document (on the right hand side) which explains how to get the best out of public access including the application tracker and notification. Alternatively follow this link:

Crowthorne Parish Council formally suspended its public meetings on 20 March 2020, pursuant to the activation of its High Consequence infectious disease policy and due to a requirement from central Government that leisure buildings (including community halls) must close, to try and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The Parish Council continues to be invited to comment on planning applications within the Parish as these have statutory deadlines for response.

The public would normally have the opportunity to comment on these at the monthly Parish Council meeting during public question time and to submit their comments direct to Bracknell Forest Council. Due to the suspension of Parish Council meetings, Crowthorne Parish Council wishes to ensure that it conducts its business in a transparent manner. In order to do this, the planning applications Council is reviewing for comment will be published on the Parish Council website and on social media alerting members of the public to the planning applications and inviting them to submit their comments direct to BFC on the BFC planning portal.

The Parish Council is determining its response by allocating each plan out to a nominated Councillor who will review it and make a recommendation for consideration electronically by the other Parish Councillors. Provided 4 Councillors in total agree with the Councillor’s recommendation, then it will be submitted via the BFC portal as ‘Crowthorne Parish Council’s comments’.

In line with Councillor’s Code of Conduct, any Councillor with an interest in a planning application will not consider or comment on it.

If members of the public have any concerns relating to the procedure the Parish Council has adopted for considering and responding to planning applications during the Coronavirus outbreak, please email

Planning applications and responses during Crowthorne Parish Council's operation of the High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy


Crowthorne Parish Council
Planning Considerations Help Sheet

What powers does Crowthorne Parish Council have with respect to planning applications?

Do parish councils grant planning permission?
How do parish councils comment on planning applications?

Valid reasons for comment on a Planning Application

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