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Major Development Planning Committee



The Major Development Planning Committee looks at major developments which are deemed as such by Crowthorne Parish Council. The criteria is the significant impact on Crowthorne (including neighbouring Parish Councils), but does not supersede the current process of investigations into local smaller domiciliary and trade planning applications and the subsequent recommendations.

The Major Development Planning Committee has delegated powers to research and investigate planning applications as required for all major development in Crowthorne which comprise of more than 20 homes or development deemed by Full Council to be of equivalent size and a Neighbourhood Development Plan as introduced by the Localism Act 2011.

The Committee formally presents all final recommendations to full Council for endorsement.  

The Committee is constituted of up to 6 members with a minimum of 4 and will form smaller internal Working Groups to look at individual aspects of a major plan as required.

Appointed Committee Membership:

  • Cllr Simon Butterworth
  • Cllr Bruce McKenzie-Boyle
  • Cllr Tina McKenzie-Boyle
  • Cllr Richard Price
  • Cllr Gail Robertson
  • Cllr Bob Wade ex officio
  • Cllr Gail Robertson