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Community Grants

Every year Crowthorne Parish Council makes a number of grants available to local organisations, further information can be found by clicking the link below.

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Crowthorne & Wokingham Without Joint Guide to the Parishes

The Joint Guide has a large range of
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Crowthorne & Wokingham Without

The Joint Official Guide to the Parishes of Crowthorne & Wokingham Without.

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Buckler’s Park

The Way Forward

The way forward consists of two separate stages:

To canvas as many people and organisations as possible as to what they see as the Opportunities and Threats, and the Strengths and Weaknesses of our community, and to create a vision for how we wish the community to develop over the short to medium term. This is being done by a survey which has been made as widely available as possible, via Websites, Facebook Pages, the Crowthorne Eye and other relevant publications, and hard copy available across the Parish. If you have already completed this, thank you. If not you will find the URL on the Crowthorne Parish Council website, detailed below. Hard copies are also available for the Parish Office and the Library.


The second stage is holding working groups or seminars embracing the key interest groups within our community, which could include the traders, other businesses, both SME and large enterprises, faith groups, schools, lobby groups e.g. CVAG, and of course, involved and interested residents. These are being arranged during late February and March, and are primarily but not exclusively, organised around the distinct common interest groups, but it is more important that people and organisations take part, than that groups be kept separate, and therefore anyone is invited to attend any session that is convenient for them. The details of these workshops will be available on the Crowthorne Parish Council website, and will be announced on our Facebook Page.


If you are interested in getting involved, please either register your name and whatever organisation you represent at the Parish Office @ or 01344 771251

Crowthorne Community Charter Survey Report
11 October 2017


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